Product give away….Hiruscar

Sometimes you find a product that you need to tell the whole world about it!!!

The last product that I was this exited about was years ago when I discovered Argan oil. I was in Portugal on holidays, I had a  friend joining me, that flew in from Morocco and brought me what she called `liquid gold` I blogged about it numerous times I talked about it and it has been part of my personal makeup kit as well as my professional kit since then. Dermalogica Skinperfect primer is also one of my favorite things.

Now I want to share Hiruscar  a skin care gel that works amazingly on scars by improving the softness, texture and overall appearance of the scar, making it less noticeable. I’m so excited about it that I’m giving a couple tubes away , just because ….

Who doesn’t want perfect smooth skin? When I’m prepping a show, meeting the cast, their skin is my canvas the better the skin, the easier my job is. If there’s a product that can help to achieve those results you know for sure that is going into their daily skin care regime.

With Hiruscar I’ll  use it every day under the makeup when needed. Often on my daily freelance work I’ll get to a job and the talent has some sort of cut of skin abrasion that’s just about healed but there’s a noticeable scar forming, before trying to cover it up with makeup I’ll apply a thin layer of Hiruscar gel.Hiruscar Illo Render edit Pack HR 0713Hiruscar is for all types of scar tissue including, scars resulting from surgery, injuries, burns and acne, for use on skin types and ages.  The fact that is: it’s a non oily clear gel that dries immediately, therefore you can apply your foundation right away and  it works as a primer !!!! Apply it 3 to 4 times a day even over makeup, you should start seeing results within a few weeks…

What caught my attention first of all was the ingredients and of course the  results:

Hiruscar contains 5 cosmetic active ingredients to reduce the appearance of scars; Allium Cepa, Aloe Vera, Allantoin, Vitamin B3 and Vitamin E.

Allium Cepa

Allium Cepa is also known as onion extract. Allium Cepa exhibits collagen suppressing properties. These collagen suppressing properties reduce the overall size of the scar and help the scar appear smoother by limiting the collagen tissues produced during the wound healing process.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera increases moisturisation to soften the scar. One study found that aloe vera gel altered the composition of collagen. It increased the degree of basket weave formation in the fibres, resulting in collagen that is closer in composition to that found in normal skin. The closer the composition of collagen to normal skin the closer the resulting scar tissue will look to normal skin.


Allantoin increases moisturisation to hydrate the scar, softening its texture and appearance while promoting the penetration of the other ingredients.

Vitamin E works as an antioxidant.

Vitamin B3 improves the elasticity of scar tissue and also helps to control oil production.


Fullscreen capture 18112013 105411 PM.bmp



I have a couple tubes that I want to give away to someone that has a serious case of acne scaring…I`ll post it to you absolutely free, all I need is a photo of the affected area and email it to me. I’ll do a draw at the end of the month….

look forward to your emails…. rds


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Dermalogica’s BB cream, Skinperfect Primer

I was invited, along with most members of the make-up department, for a soiree  with oysters, bubbly and the promise of something new and exciting by Dermalogica.

I still remember the first time I heard the name “Dermalogica” mentioned.

I had  recently arrived from Australia and this was my very first film set in Vancouver the movie was called “This boy’s life”  Robert de Niro, Leonardo de Caprio and Ellen Barkin.

Robert de Niro Make-up Artist was who mention Dermalogica to me. At that time it was only available online!!! Well!!! ” you’ve come a long way baby” I’ve been a fan ever since, not only do I use it personally but it’s my product of choice in Makeup trailer as far as skin care. It’s a staple, most actors like it and are familiar with it!!! The fact that we also get a professional discount  helps with our budgets!!!

Of course over the years I have changed what I personally use, as I believe that one should. I love to try new products, my skin often welcomes the changes!!!!

So I’m very excited about this new product!!!! What do I like the most? The Pearl Powder that gives a beautiful luminosity  to the skin, perfect primer for the foundation, to create that just that perfect healthy glow…. ( You all know how I LOVE to make the skin glow).

Broad spectrum spf 30 !!!   This primer is specially formulated to smooth skin  It has silicons combined with Soy Protein to create an instantly smooth surface, stimulates collagen production to increase skin firmness.  It’s suitable for all skin types. It has a neutral tint,  perfect for all skin tones.  That’s all in a nut shell.

Yes some people can call it a Dermalogica BB cream… I just call it my favorite product “du Jour”.

I’ve been using it for the last few days under MAC tinted moisturizer medium to dark. With the Skinperfect primer I find I achieve a better coverage, it seems to even out the skin tone and the dark spots aren’t as obvious as the reflector (pearl powder) product creates that smoothness. (illusion) MAGIC!!!!

BTW Dermalogica has also changed the formulas on it’s Skin Hydrating Masque and other products, so check there website for more information.

In the mean time don’t forget to subscribe to my blog!!! I’m gathering loads of  information from makeup artist and suppliers and compiling it all in a “international suppliers list ” that I’ll be more than happy to email to you when it’s ready…. If you have information that you wan to add to it let me know!!! :)

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Makeup Artist Trade Show-IMATS Sydney

The week has passed very quickly. Been up to my elbows in text books trying to finish my Cert IV TAE , more than I can handle right now. I had a minute to put some photos up  from last weekend IMATS. I loved doing my presentation of  HD Makeup for Film and TV. Lots of attendees, lots of questions. and I love to …talk!!!

It was a very successful show in Sydney with major artists in focus!

A huge amount of talented new artists doing an amazing job….here are some images from Debbie Muller, Eliza Campagna’s and Gavin Morris work.

Other well established and fantastic  artist the of the likes of Rae Morris, Dale Dorning, Martin Gray, Nicole Thompson for MacPro, Becca Gilmartin, body art, did also on stage presentations….

All the links are at the bottom of the post…check them out!!! They seriously Rock the Makeup World!!!


On Stage as a key note speaker with Rae Morris and Michael Key from Makeup Artist Mag


With Nicole Thompson and Isa from MacPro


Gothic Gatsby inspired makeup by Debbie Muller using Bey Nye Makeup                          Necklace from Beauty and Spa solutions



The Very Talented Eliza Campagna….she used all skin illustrator colours. Using a piece of lace she airbrushed the pattern on to a bold cap. Final touches with the black illustrator to enhance the design, Ben Nye Red Lipstick.



Dana Nye was a huge presence in this years IMTAS…I’m totally in love with Ben Nye makeup and the “lumiere” palettes…they’re AMAZING. This makeup was created by Debbie using all Ben Nye Makeup :)


The very talented Debbie Muller and the lovely  Eden xoxo


Makeup Julie Tattam Skincognito-Bodypainting  You “Rocked it”


Created by  Mac Cosmetics Artists, Great Job!!!


A gift from Rae Morris…her beautifuly soft buffer brush “Radiance”



Cathy and Georgia from “Linear Standby Belts“….


Gavin Morris and his version of Marilyn Monroe!!! Great Job!!


Nicole Adrichem, Debbie Muller Charlie Tredway, Eve Pearl and the lovely and beautiful. Helen Magelaki

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