Skin Secrets: Why to Add More Water to Your Diet

Article written by: Celina Jones

Skin Secrets: Why to Add More Water to Your Diet


It is a common fact that one should have at least 8-12 glasses of water every day to keep their skin hydrated and moisturized. Water helps your skin to retain its health and also helps in skin rejuvenation. Adding water to your diet is important as that helps in keeping the skin smooth, clear and supple. There are various benefits of water in the diet. Water is obtained through the diet in a number of ways. Fruits and vegetables contain water which we consume on eating. Water is definitely vital for our endurance and should not be neglected. The following are the reasons of adding water to your diet

For Survival

The first and foremost reason of incorporating water in our diet is because of survival. Our entire body organs require water to function well starting from the kidney, Heart, liver and blood cells. Without water our body would not be able to function properly. Our body can live without food for seven days but not even one day without water.

Helps in Weight loss

Water is really important for helping to lose weight. Water is a zero calorie element which does not have any calories like sugar or tea or coffee. Drinking water helps to fill our stomach and hence reduce the craving for food. This helps in losing weight.

Gives us energy

Many people feel that having diuretics like tea and coffee help in giving us energy. Water is also an essential drink that is required for the same. Water helps to keep our body hydrated in the warm summers and helps us to get rid of the lethargy and the tiredness within. This is helpful for our body. You should make it a habit to carry water wherever you go. Water which is present in fruits and raw vegetables also helps us to get energy. If you are feeling really down, a sip of water can help you get some relief.

Help keeping skin hydrated

The best way to keep your skin, healthy, hydrated and glowing is by drinking lot of water throughout the day. Drinking water helps to keep skin smooth and also helps to reduce wrinkles and skin allergies. It also helps to keep the elasticity of the skin intact.

Helps to reduce pain

Are you having severe recurrent muscle cramps at night? Try out this simple technique. Have eight glasses of water on a regular basis. Also take water as soon as you feel that a cramp is setting in. Less muscle cramps will take place if you are well hydrated.

Keeps you cool

Water helps you to maintain your body temperature especially in the summer season. It helps you to become accustomed to different temperatures and also helps to keep skin glowing all round the year.


Add more water to your diet with the help of fruits, vegetables and drinks. It is one of the best ways to flush out the toxic waste products from your body and helps in proper functioning of kidney as well. Make the best of water for skin rejuvenation as well.

About the Author:

The above article is composed by CJ, a beautician by profession associated with who loves to share her beauty and health tips via her articles.

Thank CJ for writing such an informative article. Lots has been said about drinking 8-10glasses of water per day, but I love the way you presented to us very simple and factual!!! :)

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Make-up Artists Makeup Notes

After these many years working as a Make-up Artist I thought I knew a fair bit about Makeup and Beauty Products. However,I’m continuously looking to learn, chasing the latest  products, techniques,  uses, dos and don’ts…. learning, learning … Speaking with many of my colleagues that have been in the business as long as I have, we came to a conclusion that  lots of “new” tips or techniques or finds are actually old. The only difference is that in the older days no one talked about, there were no bloggers or youtube, (yes I know I’m that old!!!), everyone just did it the way they were taught at makeup school, went on and developed their own techniques and styles, created a point of difference in their work, used their artistic ability to do work that stood out among others…. and no one spoke about how they did it or what products they used, at least not as much as we do these days.  I honestly can say that some people were very guarded with their techniques or products of choice and there was no sharing! Thank God that has changed and today:

with that in mind I’m sharing some of my notes from many years ago. These notes are random quotes from the various jobs that I worked on, what I learned and the mistakes I made;

I learned that:

When you start a make-up application you need to get in the ZONE… prepare yourself, focus. Define the face and eye shape before starting makeup.

Be constant in the presence of greatness!

Don’t change the skin tone of your model (unless you have to because you’re turning him or her into a “different ethnicity”). Take a look at the overall skin tone.

Get rid of your pink based color foundations.

Seabreeze can be used as an astringent helps the makeup to stay matte throughout the day.

Always clean the eye lids with a toner, dry and powder them, before applying primer or eyeshadow.

A liquid foundation after a cream foundation application gives the skin a beautiful dewy finish.

When applying shimmer on the cheeks bones, smile , from the apple of the cheeks work your way up to the top.

Bronzers, especially the ones with shimmer, are not an all over product.

The way you powder your foundation is most important for durability.

If lines start to develop around the eye area after awhile makeup application, just dip a sponge in water, touch the area lightly and blend. Use o pink (egg shape) the best.

Always better to use two colors for the eyebrows and two colors as foundations.

A can of olive oil gives you the best body glow EVER!!

Embryolisse Moisturizer is a must have product in your kit.

Egyptian Magic can’t live without it.

You can always trust M.A.C Face and Body Foundation to get you out of a tricky foundation situation.

Less is always best!

Color eyeshadow has no ability to change eye shape. What you do close to the eyelashes has the power to change the shape, lift the eyes and make anyone look younger and more awake.

Era Spray foundation….the best airbrush foundations in the market…very long lasting

Revlon “colorstay foundation”, best long lasting foundation I ever used.

Lucas Paw-paw cream is a staple in my kit.

Argan oil and coconut oil another must have in my kit, for all occasions, when “you never know, happens” They’re great foundation extenders.

Cello-tape, business cards, paper glue, double sided tape, thin elastics,  are great makeup helpers . (also it’s amazing what you can find at the craftservices-table that you can use in a sfx emergency)

Choose your mascara wisely, keep your favorite mascara wand. You can use it with all the other tubes… I prefer smaller and thinner brushes most of the times. Bourjois had the best ones for years.

Decanter is a make-up artist favorite word.

Curling your lashes is an eye opener!

Have your own chair and lights…when freelancing.

Synthetic brushes are a great find… great for Concealer, and creams applications etc..

You can find amazing tools of the trade in the “dollar” stores, art suppliers and hardware stores.

These is what some experts say, your makeup will expire in:

Mascara: up to 3 months
Liquid foundation: water-based up to 12 months; oil-based up to 18 months
Powder foundation: up to 2 years
Concealors: up to 12 months
Nail colours: up to 12 months
Lip pencils: up to 12 months
Lipsticks: up to 18 months
Powder blush: up to 2 years
Cream blush: up to 12 months
Eye shadows (powder): up to 2 years
Eye shadows (cream): up to 6 months
Eyeliner (pencil): up to 2 years
Eyeliner (liquid): up to 3 months

I say: do the smell test you’ll know is has expired or not. If your creams have little sweat bubbles it’s time to go… if your liquid foundations have separated it’s a sign that their days are over …

Please add any more tips, things you’ve learned over the years. Would love to hear from you and share our stories about makeup do’s and Don’t!

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Carly Ryan Make-up Artist  from Los Angeles, added her 2 cents worth as she calls it, here it is:

I just wanted to say hi and reach out to you again:) your website is so awesome and the tips you just posted are amazing and helpful and I’m going to run to Nigel’s and get all 3 must have creams for my kit:)) I also love using a hit of Strobe cream as a highlight above the cheekbones:) and I also am obsessed with MAC essential oils (a few drops) mixed in with foundation to create a long lasting hydrated look (Face & Body is my jam, but Armani Foundation is becoming a fast favorite of mine!) For sure though,  MAC Fix + is my MUST have! I mist the skin after every step of everything on skin and tap it in to set with my 187 brush (MAC)

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Quick steps on removing your makeup at night…..

The Importance of removing your makeup before going to sleep!!!!

The biggest of all skin problems  is not removing your makeup  properly at night time. It is extremely important to remove your makeup completely  because you don’t want to sleep in it all night ….or do you? When you’re  in bed at night  sleeping, your body heats up and your pores open up. With a layer of makeup on your face, the makeup will sink into the pores, clogging them, resulting in spots and imperfections the next day….and no one wants that!!! I find the best way not to forget or get lazy about removing your makeup is to do it as soon you get in the house, strait to the bathroom and just do it!!!!

Personally, as I mentioned a couple times on this blog, I love to massage (light)  a layer of Argan oil on my face to help to loosen up  the makeup, dust and dirt accumulated along the day.  With a warm facial cloth I hold over the face for a few minutes and then wipe my face really well…the evening ritual of cleansing my face starts… The pre- cleanse oil also helps the soften the mascara, special the waterproof one, for easy removal later by the eye makeup remover. The skin around the eyes is very delicate, so I don’t recommend a lot of rubbing, make sure the  cotton pads are well soaked with eye makeup remover…better to let it sit on the eye socket for a few seconds, ….

At work, with my actors at the end of the each I make sure that all their make up is off,  they can just go home and will not have to worry about it….. I always starts with an oil as well. I choose between s Argan oil and  Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse .

The second cleansing product I use or recommend to anyone is either a milk cleanser a gel or lotion that is the appropriated for your skin type. From Neutragena, Clairins, Clinique or Dermalogica some of my favorite brands….a few other suggestions:

Fullscreen capture 15082013 31250 AM.bmp

A few easy steps :

1) lightly massage argan oil or another oil of your choice on the skin… eg: coconut oil….

2)With a warm and damp face cloth  gently wipe your face, removing all the makeup …

3) Remove eye makeup….mascara

4) With a damp skin, massage your favorite facial cleanser for a couple minutes….wash away again with a face cloth or simply, just use water. Repeat if necessary….

5) Gently towel dry your skin, and spray your favorite facial toner, or Witch Hazel and rose water.

6) let it dry and follow with your evening skin care….. repeat in the morning….

washing-face.jpg (JPEG Image, 295 × 370 pixels) - Mozilla Firefox 15082013 30925 AM.bmp  Fullscreen capture 15082013 30336 AM.bmp Fullscreen capture 15082013 31903 AM.bmp

Here are a few suggestions for cleansers and Eye makeup removers

Cetaphil : Easy:  “It’s creamy, simple and isn’t loaded with chemicals or perfumes that can irritate the skin. Cetaphil products are revered in the industry and their cleanser is one of the best buys out there”

Dr Hauschka Cleansing cream: Organic and void of chemicals, the Dr. Hauschka line is super popular among those concerned with healthy skin This cleanser gently exfoliates while adding moisture to skin, which makes it great for aging skin, dry skin and combination skin

Mac Mineralized Charged water: A lightweight cleanser formulated with our ionized Super-Duo Charged Water technology. Removes all makeup (except waterproof and longwearing)

Philosophy Purity made simple: It washes off every speck of dirt and makeup while leaving skin super soft and moisturized like a lotion. It’s simple and effective and it doesn’t get much more perfect than that.

Clinique wash away gel cleanser: Gel cleansers work well for oily skin because they absorb excess oils. This classic cleanser can be a bit drying, so test the product before you buy.

Neutrogena oil-free acne wash :love it because the salicylic acid gel is gentle and soothing — spiked with aloe and chamomile. It also dries out breakouts without drying out sensitive, irritable skin….

Dermalogica Essential Cleansing solution: Dry skin :creamy nourishing milk  Antioxidant vitamins C and E improve skin smoothness and help control free radical damage. Water-soluble emulsion softens, conditions, and rinses off easily, leaving the skin clean, soft and supple.

Dermalogica Skin resurfacing cleanser: mature or prematurely-aging skin. Dual- action exfoliating cleanser. A highly-active Lactic Acid concentrate helps retexturize skin suffering from visible signs of aging by removing dulling surface debris and helping accelerate cell turnover.

Eye Makeup remover:

Lancome: Bi-Facil: Simply shake to activate the bi-phase formula that leaves the eye area perfectly clean. The lipid phase lifts off eye makeup, while the water phase contains special emollients to refresh and condition skin without a greasy residue.

Lancome Effacil Gentle Eye Makeup Remover: Gently whisk away all non-waterproof eye makeup in an instant Oil-free and water-fresh….

Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover: Extremely gentle, bi-phase eye make-up remover is suitable for those with sensitive eyes or contact lens wearers ….

MAC: Pro Eye Makeup Remover is a clear, lightweight liquid that gently and effectively removes all eye makeup, including waterproof

BodyShop: Camomile gentle Eye Makeup remover:A gentle lotion that effectively removes eye make-up, while gently soothing and conditioning the skin around the delicate eye area. Also conditions lashes so they feel soft and silk

Neutrogena: Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover takes off even waterproof eye makeup without leaving an oily residue.

There are many other options like all in one makeup remover and facial wipes, they’re good if you’re traveling or if you just too tired to go through the whole routine…for me it never feels clean enough. But that’s me :)

You can find these products in my shopping list online stores….






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