What can be more amazing than having an extensive cosmetic collection? Whether it is an interview or a wedding, it will always be an event you have to get ready for. Therefore, be prepared for all those events with these 5 makeup products that any woman must have.

Choose a foundation

Whether or not you wear makeup every day, it’s a good idea to have a foundation in your makeup bag, for those times you want to look radiant. There are a lot of brands including L’Oreal, Clinique, and others which come with a wide range of shades for both fair and dark skinned women. However, if the foundation makes you feel too heavy, you can try BB or CC creams which are great options for every day. Actually, these types of creams can create a versatile makeup and can be also used for various purposes such as moisturizer, primer, skin treatment, concealer, foundation and even sunscreen.

Try a bronzer

Whether you have pale skin or you just want to contour your cheekbones, you can choose to apply a mosaic bronzer which should be able to provide a natural-looking glow. However, be very careful when you are using this type of product because using it incorrectly can make your face look orange or dirty.

Buy a set of makeup brushes

Having the right tools is very important when you start a makeup. As such, keep in mind to buy a set of makeup brushes which can provide a perfect look. Moreover, your set should include a foundation brush, beauty blender, kabuki brush, powder brush, angled blush brush, concealer brush, brow brush and angled eyeliner brush. By having all these brushes, you will be able to create a perfect makeup.

Don’t forget about the lipstick

Every woman should have in her own bag a lipstick. Actually, it’s recommended to have two lipsticks in your bag: a bold lipstick and a neutral one. Additionally, you can use a lip liner which can make your lips look gorgeous and fuller. Most women believe that bold lipsticks can make their life better and can also make them more confident.

Go with mascara!

When it comes to mascara, make sure you have two different types in your makeup bag. One mascara should be for dark and long eyelashes, while the other mascara must be waterproof. By having a waterproof mascara, you will be prepared for everything, from a rainy day to a pool party. However, you just need to be very careful when you are removing it. Use an oil-based makeup remover and you won’t have any problem with eyelash loss.