Nowadays, most makeup artists consider that contouring is an amazing art which helps you redefine some features. In fact, it’s all about what you want to get rid of and what you want to highlight. Moreover, by using contour, you will accentuate your face shape and enhance your individual bone structure. However, if you want to discover certain contouring tips from expert makeup artists, read on.

Choose the right foundation

For a flawless base, it’s advisable to choose the right foundation which matches your skin tone. According to several expert makeup artists, sponges are the best way to apply your foundation and create a natural, flawless finish. However, it’s recommended to try a damp sponge, because it can stop the foundation from being absorbed. Moreover, it provides you with the most beautiful application. Another alternative is the beauty blender. This is also a great tool for a foundation which can help you get the most flawless finish.

Contour your cheekbones

Contour your cheekbones by using a shade darker for shadows. Actually, you will create fake cheekbones which will add depth to your appearance. When it comes to contouring cheekbones, some expert makeup artists recommend us to use a matte product, instead of a red one, to create the illusion of a natural contour. Moreover, you can choose matte powders for amplifying your shadows and shimmer powder for highlighting.

Contour your lips

By contouring your lips, you can make them look fuller and more defined. Make sure you are using lighter colors which are naturally illuminating your lips. For example, make your lips look bigger, by using a neutral lip color and a liner which has the same tone. Plus, think about drawing an ”X” in the center of the top lip and with a darker lipstick shade the outer edges. This is a technique that can create a pouty lip effect.

Makeup your eyebrows

When it comes to eyebrows, the makeup artists can provide a lot of useful secrets and tips. We all know that eyebrows are very important for our facial structure because they frame our whole face. As such, if you are thinking about contouring your eyebrows, you can use a brow powder and a hard angled brush. By using the angled brush you can fill in the center of your brows with a brow powder. Additionally, you can add a lighter brow powder to both ends of the eyebrows and apply a concealer along the outer top and bottom borders of the brow. This way, you will learn how to contour your eyebrows like a pro.