Finding the perfect lipstick isn’t an easy task at all. The million different versions that you find on the market make it almost impossible to not be tempted to buy a color that just doesn’t suit you. Generally, all women have at least one lipstick that they love, but that doesn’t actually look good on them. To figure out if a certain lipstick is a good choice for you or not, it’s best to choose based on your skin tone. If you want to find out more about this subject, continue to read this article.

The perfect lipstick choices for fair skin tones

Women with light complexions tend to do the mistake of going with unflattering color choices for the lipsticks, like very bright reds. For the lipstick that you choose to be in harmony with your skin tone and your overall appearance, you must go with lighter shades like nudes and pinks. If you have a fair skin tone, but a cool undertone, the best choices for you are nudes and soft mocha colored lipsticks. On the other hand, if you have fair skin and a warm undertone, it’s mandatory that you go with peach and pale pinks.

The perfect lipstick choices for olive skin tones

If you have an olive skin tone, you can consider yourself to be a very lucky person. When it comes to lipstick choices, pretty much everything goes well for you, having a wide palette of colors to choose from. While it’s true that everything does look good for you, in case you have a cool undertone you can go with cranberry and pink colors, and if you have a warm undertone, it’s best to stick with bronze or copper colored lipsticks.

The perfect lipstick choices for dark skin tones

Generally, it’s recommended to go with dark reds for the lipsticks if you have a darker complexion. Of course, this doesn’t mean that any other option won’t suit you. For example, these are a lot of women who have dark skin tones and who look good in nudes and certain light colors. But usually, those who have a dark skin tone and cool undertones look best while wearing wine and ruby colored lipsticks, while those who have warm undertones look best with bronze and copper for their lipstick.