Do you want to make your lips look bigger? Actually, what can be more amazing than having some gorgeous lips, which are looking fuller without medical procedure or some strange contraption? Furthermore, if you want to discover how to make your lips look fuller, read on.

Exfoliate your lips with a toothbrush

Flaky lips look smaller and reflect less light. That’s why most women choose to exfoliate their lips with a toothbrush. This is a process which stimulates the blood flow to the lips and makes them look fuller. However, be careful when you are using the toothbrush because your lips area is very sensitive and if you add much pressure on the toothbrush, you can damage it.

Use a concealer

Clean your lips with a cotton swab and a lip moisturizer which will help you lose dead and dry skin. Instead of a chemical-based moisturizer, you can use honey or butter. Next, you can apply a concealer and your lips will look larger. Additionally, you can choose to apply foundation to the lips for a smoother concealer application. Plus, if you are using a concealer and a little highlighter at the center of the top lip you will create a goddess-like glow which emanates from the center of your lips.

Over-line your Cupid’s bow

Do you know which is your Cupid’s bow? The Cupid’s bow is the center of your top lip and you must over-line this area to make your lips look bigger. Use a lip liner which is similar to your natural lip color and you will create a more realistic look. Moreover, once you have finished with this procedure, take your lipstick and draw an ”X” in the center if your top lip. If you define the cupid’s bow with a dark color, your lips will look fuller.

Choose minty lipsticks

Have you ever heard about those minty lipsticks which can make your lips bigger? If not, you should know that there are a few chemical products which boast mint, including spearmint, peppermint, and others as one of the active ingredients. Plus, you can apply on your lips some peppermint oil, because it can stimulate the blood flow and plump your lips up.