Winter can be very dangerous to your skin. Cold temperatures, harsh winds, and dry winter air can be devastating for your skin. That’s why it’s recommended to prepare your skin in advance and prevent winter skin disorders. Anyway, in the following lines, you can learn more about the dry and cold winter air which is damaging your skin.

Use a humidifier

By using a humidifier, you can keep your skin healthy and moisturized all the time. Besides these benefits, a quality humidifier will add humidity to your dry indoor air and help you breathe better. Moreover, it helps your skin preserve its glow all winter. As such, if you are thinking about purchasing a humidifier, you need to consider several things such as performance, quality, and budget. Each one of these units comes with various features which provide a clean and breathable indoor air. On the other hand, if you don’t have the right budget for a quality humidifier, you can place a bowl of water on top of your infrared heater or radiator. This process will provide the same results as a humidifier: it adds moisture to the air and the water will evaporate.

Avoid the hot water

When it’s cold outside, it’s recommended to avoid the hot water, because this can damage your skin and cause skin disorders including redness, itching,dryness and more. We all know that after a cold day, nothing could be more pleasant that a boiling-hot shower which can relax you for about 15 minutes. However, you will notice that hot water will strip moisture from skin and hair. Therefore, choose to get warm with lukewarm showers for 5 minutes or less. Additionally, make sure you don’t overheat your room because it will remove moisture from indoors and lead you to dehydration. As such, to minimize skin dry in winter use an infrared heater, which help you keep the temperature comfortable.

Take care of your skin

Winter is on its way, and you should prepare your arsenal. Lip balms, creams, lotions and others moisturizers are only a few products which can keep your skin healthy and beautiful. Your face and your hands are the first areas to show skin damage being the most exposed areas of the body to the cold. Therefore, find a moisturizing face and hand cream and protect your hands by wearing gloves outside. In addition, try to avoid wearing wool during the cold season, because it is a primary itchy fabric which can cause irritated skin. However, choose to wear cotton, because it will protect your skin and it makes you feel comfortable.