The hairstyling tool that surely doesn’t miss from the collection of any woman is the flat iron. With this amazing tool, you can straighten your hair and create a variety of amazing hairstyles as well. If time is usually of the essence for you, but you still want to look presentable and stunning when you go to work or go out with your friends, read the following lines. Here, you will get some great ideas for quick hairstyles that are achieved with the help of the flat iron.

Beachy waves

A cool hairstyle that goes wonderfully for all women is the beachy waves hairstyle. First, you must blow out your hair using a blow drying foam. Next, take a small part of your hair, clamp the flat iron onto it, and twist the hairstyling tool to 180-degrees. Now, go the opposite way on that small part of your hair, and continue with this movement until you reach its end. Continue to do this until your entire hair is styled in this manner.

Bombshell curls

Another stunning and simple hairstyle that you can achieve with the flat iron is the bombshell curls hairstyle. To make this beautiful hairstyle, take small sections of your hair one by one, and put them between the plates of the flat iron starting 2-3 inches away from the base of your hair. Afterward, twirl the hair around the plates throughout the rest of its length. Depending on the volume of hair that you have, this hairstyle can take between 5 and 15 minutes to create, and the end result is surely going to be amazing.

Bouncy blowout

The bouncy blowout is definitely the fastest and easiest to create hairstyle from this list. Use the flat iron to add just a little bit of movement to the bottom of your strands. To do this, start from about 3 inches above the end of your hair. Put small sections of hair between the plates of the hairstyling tool, and flip the flat iron up or down 90 degrees. While doing this, make sure that you pull gently to give a playful bounce to your hair.