Nowadays, smokey makeup is a must-have, just like the little black dress. Plenty of women chooses to create a smokey eye because they want to add a bit of mystery to their look. Therefore, keep on reading the following lines and we will teach you, how to realize a smokey makeup tutorial.

Opt for the right colors

If you want to create smokey makeup, you can use any color, but you need to consider the eye’s color. The classic smokey eye is created with black or gray, but you can also use bronze or brown. However, if you have green eyes, it’s recommended to use gray and plum. Instead, if you have blue eyes, you can create a smokey makeup with gold or copper, and for brown eyes, you can apply shades of navy and gray. Anyway, for a classic smokey makeup, you can choose three shades of each color: a dark color, a medium color, and a light, creamy color.

Think about using the right supplies

Before you start your smokey makeup, it’s very important to choose the right supplies. Use loose powders to create shadows and opt for pitch-black eyeliner which can accentuate your smoky eye. Additionally, you can create a smoky eye with a pencil or a liquid eyeliner. The pencil eyeliner will help you create a softer blended look, while the liquid eyeliner will give you a smooth finish. Don’t forget the brushes. Use a domed eyeshadow brush, a concealer, and an eyeshadow primer. You will need all these supplies to prepare your lids before applying the smoky eye.

Create the eyeliner

Do you want to create a smooth cat-eye look? If so, use a creamy black eye pencil and drag it along top and bottom lash lines. Moreover, if you want to get a smudgy look, draw your inner bottom lash line, too. Plus, if you want to add more drama to your smokey eye, use a highlighter to open up your eye area and add a twinkly radiance.

Apply your mascara

No smokey makeup is complete without some dark and long eyelashes. Create the illusion of volume and length by applying mascara on your lashes. Add only two coats of mascara, and try to avoid the raccoon-eyes with an unnatural appearance. Once you have finished with your smokey makeup, use a brush and remove the excess color. Sometimes, the mascara or any eyeshadow is feeling onto your cheeks, below your eyes, so use a makeup brush to remove them.