The bohemian style is perfect for all spirited women. It is a style that promotes comfort, but also femininity and delicacy. Many frown upon this style, due to the fact that it is so popular, that it is considered almost overrated. However, the beauty of this style is that it has no regard for trends, and contrary to popular beliefs, it will never become outdated, mainly due to the fact that it is quite basic, and it consists of some practical and comfortable clothing items. So, if you are planning on adding a touch of Bohemia to your style, here is what you need to know.

1. Bohemian fashion guidelines

This style is perfect for the summertime as it involves a lot of dresses and skirts. When choosing these clothing pieces, it is important to opt for quality materials, as you will want your skin to breathe properly, during the hot summer days. For the best bohemian clothes, go to the Veronica M online store. Their clothes are not only made of quality materials, but they also have amazing fittings, which flatter any silhouette. Choose versatile pieces that can be integrated in various outfits, like maxi dresses and skirts. Rompers and jumpsuits are also acceptable, as long as they feature some joyful flower prints.

As we said, this style is perfect for summer. However, if you know how to layer, you can also adopt this style in the colder seasons. The trick to layering is to pay attention to your proportions. So, if you are wearing an ample maxi skirt from Veronica M, make sure to also add some volume to your upper area in order to create a harmonious look. Choose vests, hats or scarfs in order to compensate the lower volume of the skirt.

Accessories are also an important part of the bohemian style. Floppy hats are a must, but be careful to match the hat material to the season. Choose straw hats in the summer time and felt hats in the colder seasons. For bags, chose anything made of natural materials. And as far as jewelry goes, choose authentic jewelry with strong cultural influences. The Native American culture and the gypsy culture are strong influences for this style, but bohemian jewelry can also be influenced by anthropology, symbolism and mysticism. As far as materials go, silver and turquoise stones are the most popular options.

Bohemian makeup basics

With this style, your makeup should follow a natural yet playful direction. You must make sure that your skin is always flawless. A lot of the emphasis goes on the eye-makeup, while the lips maintain natural shades. depending on the occasion, the makeup can be as natural or as intense as you want it to be. Music festivals are a great opportunity to experiment with electric colors, face jewelry and temporary tattoos.